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SVGBC unveils its ‘100 Lights of Christmas’ promotion

SVGBC unveils its ‘100 Lights of Christmas’ promotion


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC) unveiled its Christmas Promotion known as ‘100 Lights of Christmas’ last Monday, December 5.{{more}}

According to Candice Sealey, Head of Sales and Marketing at SVGBC, 100 Lights of Christmas was fashioned off the traditional game where contestants scored points by matching two boxes.

In this variation of the game, the 100 lights represent 50 pairs of prizes.

“The lights assigned are secret, and only the Head of Sales and Marketing know which gifts belong to which lights,” she explained.

The aim is to match the prizes behind the lights and win. Each caller will get to choose two lights by number, and if the two match, the caller wins that prize, Sealey explained.

Sealey also outlined the format of the promotion, saying that each announcer will play the game sounder at random times during live programming.

People will then call in and answer a question. Once the question is answered correctly, they select a number which will represent a light.

“They are then told what lies behind that light,” she explained, adding that callers will have the opportunity to choose another light, and if the prize behind the second light matches that of the first, they win.

Prizes include a food and drink hamper from Super J; gift baskets from Unique Cosmetics; shopping vouchers from Echoes Jewellery; gift baskets from Corea’s City Store; prizes from Jax Enterprises; phones and free credit from Digicel; Teachers’ Credit Union savings accounts with cash and full vehicle detailing from Silk’s Auto Salon among others.(DD)