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Saunders: Safe sex must be promoted

Saunders: Safe sex must be promoted


Executive Director of the St. Vincent Planned Parenthood Association (SVPPA) Verlene Saunders says the promotion of condom use is not encouragement of promiscuity, despite what some persons in society may think.{{more}}

Speaking at the launch of the rebranding of the COOL condom on Friday, December 2, Saunders told the small gathering that if new cases of HIV are to be reduced to zero, safe sex must be promoted.

So far, for this calendar year, over 700 persons have been tested for HIV by the SVPPA. Of that figure, six persons tested positive, with 50 per cent of those being teenagers.

“To my mind, six persons is six persons too many, and three teenagers is three just too many,” Saunders said. (KW)