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Paget Farm Community Centre refurbished

Paget Farm Community Centre  refurbished


Thoroughly refurbished and renovated, the Paget Farm Community Centre is now ready for full use.{{more}}

Constructed years ago under the Sir James Mitchell administration, the Centre had fallen into disrepair. A few months ago, a group of individuals, later dubbed the Community Centre Development Board, set out to make the centre more comfortable and presentable.

According to Chairperson of the Board, Joanne Stowe, although the Centre was not in good condition, it was still used for sewing classes Gospel Festivals, Christmas programs, Crusades, exercise classes, and more. Stowe said that she took the initiative and discussed the idea of refurbishing the centre with Charles Brewer and his wife Cornelia, who then assisted with the plans and project.

The completion of this project was made possible through the Grenadine Partnership Fund and a group called Action Bequia. Action Bequia was founded in 2011 by a diverse group of residents and ex-patriates, including the Grenadines Partnership Fund.

Action Bequia recognises that private individuals and non-governmental organisations can play an important role in developing local communities and improving conditions for people living in, and visiting, those communities. Action Bequia, therefore, aims to support community enhancing projects that are either outside the government’s remit or that can benefit from extra resources coming from private organisations and individuals.

Richard Roxborough, a member of Action Bequia, said that he was surprised to see how much work had been done with the money. Brewer also commended the team of workers, more so contractor Tony Ollivierre, for completing the project within budget, on time and with money to spare.

Present at the ceremony was former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell, who in giving remarks said that when the centre was first constructed, it was intended for use by and for the advancement of the community. He give the Board some useful advice and told them that maintenance is of fundamental importance. Also giving brief remarks, Representative for the Northern Grenadines Dr. Godwin Friday congratulated the initiative and advised the team of workers that it is going to take a greater effort than what was done in the past to maintain it, to use it properly and responsibly, and to make sure that it is still made available for use by the community, that being the main purpose of the facility.

Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs Herman Belmar said that it will not be an easy task to manage the Centre. According to Belmar, a meeting was held in the same building with President of The Grenadine Partnership Fund, Richard Multon, and others to discuss possible ideas for development in the Grenadines. He said that the team of workers laboured intensively and he appreciated them for that.

The renovation of the building includes properly functional bathrooms, a thoroughly equipped kitchen, tables and chairs, window, blinds, a fully refurbished interior, exterior and roof. The building is now equipped to facilitate a number of events, including weddings, dinners and concerts.

The reopening ceremony involved the ceremonial ribbon cutting, tour of the building, a gavel presented to the Chairperson of the Board as a sign of authority, and a plaque presented on behalf of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves.