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No new vendors for Kingstown


The Ministry of Transport, Works, Urban Development and Local Government is reminding the general public that no new vendors will be permitted on the streets of Kingstown.{{more}}

According to a release from the Ministry, the Kingstown Board will collect fees only from authorised vendors who ply their trade in designated areas.

Unauthorised and new vendors are advised to apply to the Kingstown Board for a place in the Central Market. The Kingstown Board will not collect fees from unauthorized and new vendors who fail to comply. Further, such vendors will have their tables and goods confiscated by the Kingstown Board, the release said.

The Kingstown Board will be placing no-vending signs at the entrance of the supermarkets and other public places in Kingstown to assist in controlling vending operations.

“We expect that all persons affected will cooperate as we seek to establish some order in doing business on the streets of Kingstown,” the release, dated December 5, said.