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LIME’s GM gives pep talk to Colonarie Primary boys

LIME’s GM gives pep talk  to Colonarie  Primary boys


LIME General Manager Leslie Jack responded to a call from the only male teacher of the Colonarie Primary School last Monday, December 5, to deliver a motivational talk to pupils of Grade 4 to Grade 6.{{more}}

Ian Williams made the call because he felt that the boys at the school lacked self esteem and needed a young male manager to share his experiences with them.

Jack and Marketing Manager Fitzgerald Huggins journeyed to the school and met 25 boys aged between the ages 8 and 12 years. Jack sat on the wooden stool and shared his life story with the attentive youngsters.

Jack, a former student of the Kingstown Preparatory School and the St Vincent Grammar School, recalled his days at the Prep school. He said he played every sport and neglected his school work for a while until an intervention by his mom who told him that education is the only way to beat poverty.

“That message stuck in my head, and I also remembered someone telling me that I will be a future leader, so I set out from then to work towards fulfilling my dream. My failures were used to drive me to improve, not to drop out. I wrote down everything my teachers told me and I revised them every night. Then I will study the topic for the next day so that I will be ahead of the game. That was my formula for learning and success.”

Jack, a reasonably decent cricketer, used the analogy of batting for long hours and chasing cricket balls from getting to the boundary as he explained the concept of determination. Jack continued: “You can’t give up too easily, especially when you meet a stumbling block. If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through. Don’t make anyone tell you ‘you won’t make it’. You may have certain challenges at home but can be the best farmer, the best cricketer, the best teacher, the best doctor, if that is what you aspire to be. But you have to be disciplined and learn to listen and pay attention to your teachers.”

The LIME team also met with the teachers and reminded them about the LIME yearly scholarships, Internet Summer School, CXC/CSEC Examination awards, USF Project to deliver Wireless Internet access to all learning institutions and, generally its commitment to nation building.