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IAASTF holds first meet


The Ministry of Tourism and Industry has established The International Airport and Ancillary Services Task Force (IAASTF). The first meeting of the task force was held on December 5, 2011.{{more}}

A release from the Ministry said the aim of this task force (IAASTF) is to discuss plans for the operationalization of the Argyle International Airport, prepare the legislative arrangements for ancillary services relating to the airport (taxis etc) and other matters in preparing the Argyle International Airport for opening in 2014. The members of the task force are: the Minister of Tourism and Industry; the Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Tourism and Industry; the Administrative Cadet – Ministry of Tourism and Industry; the CEO – SVG Tourism Authority ; COO – SVG Tourism Authority; CEO – International Airport Development Corporation; Executive Director – Invest SVG; Director of National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority; A representative from Corea and Co (1988) Ltd (Cruise Industry); a representative from St. Vincent and the Grenadines Hotel and Tourism Association; Mark Sawkins – Representative from Buccament Bay Resort; A representative from the Ministry of Finance.

Discussions were held on the development of a fiscal incentive regime for private sector, particularly for business, in yachting, hotels resort or guest houses, tour operators and taxi men; the creation of the requisite legislative frame work to deal with issues of land use and other matters of physical planning that directly impact the tourism sector; and the need to develop a sustainable cultural industry.

Other ancillary matters were discussed which concern health and national security services. The second meeting is slated for Tuesday, December 20, 2011.