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GHS Grimble Building bathroom gets upgrade

GHS Grimble Building bathroom gets upgrade


It may not be a facelift, but the students of the Grimble Building of the Girls’ High School are smiling following the upgrade given to their bathroom facilities.{{more}}

The washrooms are the last on the school compound to be tiled. Interestingly, they were the school’s first washrooms, having been constructed in late 1934.

The project, funded by the St. Vincent Co-operative Bank Ltd, was spearheaded by school alumni and Bank Manager Laverne Velox, who said that the tiling of the floor was a long overdue gesture.

Velox, who claims to have strong ties with Staff House (not the reason for the green tiles), indicated that she is pleased with the improvement of the area.

“The floors were bare ever since I was a student at the school, and it was time something was done about it.”

“Bathrooms serve a very useful purpose, and it is my hope that the students take care of the tiles and keep them in good condition.”

Velox said that the tiling was done at a cost of just over EC $1,500.

Headmistress Andrea Bowman said that not only the students but also the faculty are pleased with the upgrade of the bathrooms, which is frequented mainly by the first and second form students of the school of 705 girls.

“We are very pleased and grateful for the gesture. It gives the area a new look. We are always appreciative of corporate gestures and look forward to future assistance from the St. Vincent Cooperative Bank and other corporate entities.”

“It is my hope that the girls would treat the facilities more gently,” Bowman added.

Velox, who indicated that her financial institution has been involved, and would continue to exercise its corporate social responsibility, indicated that its next gesture would be in the very near future, towards a health institution.(JJ)