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Georgetown woman wants justice for her loss

Georgetown woman wants justice for her loss


Georgetown resident Altrice Horne is beginning the process of rebuilding, after her two bedroom abode was partially destroyed by fire last Sunday, December 4.{{more}}

The fire occurred shortly after 9:00 last Sunday evening, in an area known as Spring Village, and according to Horne, she and the other four residents of the part wood, part concrete structure have lost everything.

Horne was unable to give an estimate of the damage as she was still trying to assess the damage, but said that she lost all her personal items, including clothing, jewellery and household appliances. She said her daughter and niece, both students, lost all their school supplies as a result of the fire.

Horne said that no one was at home at the time of the fire.

She said that she had gone nearby to enjoy some of the action at the football finals at the playing field, when another resident informed her that her house was on fire.

But Horne is convinced that she knows who is responsible for the act.

Vellisia Jack, Horne’s niece and one of the occupants of the house, said that she was the last to leave the house on Sunday night and that she checked to make sure that nothing was left on that would be a fire hazard.

Jack said that she left the house shortly after 7:00 p.m.

Horne said she and the person she alleges set the fire had a good relationship, but things turned sour after he started making advances towards her young daughter.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she believes the accused may have used strong rum to set the house on fire.

Neighbours are reported as saying that they saw the man in the area of Horne’s house shortly before the fire started, but according to Horne, they admit that they did not see him actually commit the act.

The distraught woman said that the man had issued numerous threats against her and her 14-year-old daughter.

She added that the man threatened to burn her house on a number of occasions and that she made numerous reports to the Georgetown Police.

Police confirmed that they had picked up someone of interest, but up to press time no charges had been laid against the person.

The Georgetown Police also said that they do not have any reports from Horne as was reported.

But Horne was adamant that she had filed at least 10 complaints against the man.

Horne’s boyfriend Desley Cole said that he heard about the fire on Sunday night.

Cole, who operates a water taxi in Union Island, said that he came up on Monday.

He expressed concern saying that something needed to be done.

Cole also said that he was the one who advised Horne to make the reports to the Police.

“So everything is in the station, so when anything happen, I tell her to go to the Police,” he said, adding that this was the advice especially seeing that was not always there.

Despite the tragedy, Horne said that she is grateful to those who assisted in putting out the fire and for all who have come forward to offer assistance.

She said that she and the other occupants are staying with another relative, but said that she wants to see justice to compensate for her loss.

“Is just faith keeping me up,” Horne said.

“He always threatening me and he finally did the job and now I want justice,” she continued. (DD)