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Former partners in Amgine Entertainment split


Kevin Robinson, Naticia Lewis and David Brown, former partners in Amgine Entertainment, have gone their separate ways.{{more}}

Initiated in 2008, Amgine Entertainment has been responsible for hosting one of the most anticipated events for the Christmas season, Lyme and Booze.

However, following last year’s event, a rift between the partners caused a separation that has led to Brown hosting the event alone this year.

Brown is claiming that Lewis and Robinson took the name Amgine and also the concept of Lyme and Booze.

“On Boxing Day, December 26, each year people look forward to Lyme and Booze.

“In 2008, I had the concept and I couldn’t do it by myself, so I shared my intentions with my then room-mate Kevin Robinson. I also asked Naticia Lewis as my PRO (Public Relations Officer) in the initial stages,” the Jamaican born Brown told SEARCHLIGHT on November 29.

“I had to go back to Jamaica in 2010, where I spent about six months, and during that time I was planning the 3rd Lyme and Booze. I did all the ground work as usual and left Kevin to deal with the staging of the show.

“… I tried getting a flight back to St. Vincent for the show, but the only flight I got was on the same day, but as far as I was concerned, I had already sorted out everything, including sponsors and all other aspects to make sure Lyme and Booze happened,” Brown added.

Upon arrival at the event after arriving back on island, Brown disclosed that he was not allowed to enter the venue.

“My own show, and I wasn’t allowed in!

Following the staging of last year’s event, Robinson and Lewis broke from Brown.

They then registered AMIGINE, and since then, the two have been doing their own promotions.

Brown stated that his new promotion agency will be hosting an event on Christmas Day, dubbed, “HYP.NO.SIS – LOST in SPACE – The Futuristic Event”.

This, according to the promoter, has led to many of the supporters of Lyme and Booze asking if he has changed the date and name of the event and what is happening.

However, Robinson and Lewis refute Brown’s claim that Lyme and Booze was his concept alone.

Robinson, who is also a Jamaican, said that when he arrived in St. Vincent in 2008, he saw that there was a need for a different format to the entertainment scene here.

He said that he then spoke to Brown about organizing an event with a difference.

“It all started one Sunday afternoon… me and Mr. Brown shared the same apartment and I stood up in the hallway of the apartment and I said: ‘You know what, St. Vincent don’t really have any party, let us do something.’

He agreed. Me having all my events management skills decided to go ahead and form a team and execute this,” Robinson said.

It was then, according to Robinson, that Brown sought to get Lewis on board.

Everything was executed as planned, according to Robinson, and a number of names were proposed by Robinson, but according to him, “they were not too catchy, so I said let’s go with something different and David was the one that came up with the name Amgine.”

“That is all he can claim when it comes to the group and Amgine. It seems that because he named the group, he is going around and telling people that he is the owner and all sorts of things …

“All he did was come up with the name. David is a talker, and he is good at doing it, and that is why we made a good team, but all that is no more.”

Lewis, on the other hand, said that it was because of her, and the assistance of her step-father who is a prominent person in St. Vincent, they were able to acquire the sponsors for the event.

“… They were two Jamaicans and no one knew them at that time and I being the only Vincentian in the group helped to acquire the sponsors and invited all my friends to the first event.

“The first party was somewhat successful and after that year, David Brown changed in his personality,” she said.

According to the two, “It is because of David’s behaviour over the past few years since the first event why we have gone our separate ways.”

“Why can’t he just be a man and do what he is doing and let us do what we are doing. We didn’t steal anything from him. We were all in this together and, unfortunately, it came to a point where we couldn’t work with him no more.

“We wish him all the best in what he is doing and we are going to do our show as well,” the two stated.

Amgine is now registered under the name Naticia Lewis who will be hosting the event Hyp-no-sis on December 25, while Lyme and Booze is registered under the name David Brown, which will be held on December 26.

“We’ll see whose party is the best,” said Robinson.