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Woman chopped in cutlass attack in Bequia

Woman chopped in  cutlass attack in Bequia


Up to press time on Monday, December 5, Bequia resident Givvon Bynoe was said to be in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, after surviving a cutlass attack at the hands of her common-law husband.{{more}}

Bynoe, 23, of Paget Farm, suffered chop wounds about her body, including her back and head, while working as part of a road gang on the Grenadine Island on Monday morning.

Tensions ran high on the island, as reports spread that the mother of two had been attacked by her boyfriend, 26-year-old Deron Hazell, just after 9:00 am.

Angry friends and family members of the woman went in search of Hazell, who turned himself into police custody, shortly after the attack.

Hazell is reported to have attempted to kill himself, using the weapon he had used against Bynoe.

The anxiety also played out on the mainland, as the ferry which transported the injured woman across the seas, was hindered, for a few minutes, from docking at the Grenadines Wharf by another ferry which was still in port. Bynoe was then rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where she underwent surgery.

The incident is the latest in a string of high profile attacks committed against women here in the past months.

Less than two months ago, on October 15, mother and daughter Rosalie and Shanika Roberts of Troumaca were attacked by the elder Roberts’ boyfriend Errol Anderson, who later died from a poisonous substance he drank.

In September, George Franklyn was charged with the murders of his wife Ingrid Jack-Franklyn and neighbour Marva ‘Aunty Lynn’ James, whom he shot in Campden Park on September 13. Also killed at the hands of men were Stephmnie Daniel of Greiggs on August 14, and Marion John on August 25.