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SVPPA launches rebranded COOL condom

SVPPA launches rebranded COOL condom


On Friday, December 2, the St. Vincent Planned Parenthood Association (SVPPA), in conjunction with Population Services International (PSI), officially launched the rebranding of their COOL condom, at their new location in Paul’s Avenue.{{more}}

Executive Director of the SVPPA Verlene Saunders said the SVPPA, which is an affiliate of the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation, joins with other associations in the region, along with the PSI, in the fight against HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Saunders noted that over the last five years in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the partnership between the organisations has provided information and education, and has heightened awareness among persons in various communities.

“Your sexual health is your responsibility; protect yourself; use a condom. It is easy as A, B, C,” Saunders said. She implored persons to practice safe sex all the time and urged the underaged persons to abstain from sex.

Patrick Prescod, PSI Caribbean Training Consultant and St. Vincent monitor, stated that the aim of the PSI is to focus on HIV/AIDS prevention throughout the region and also to target the male at risk population, youth on the block and commercial sex workers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He further mentioned that the condoms are distributed around the islands at popular spots which open late.

“We encourage the sale of these condoms at outlet shops, bars and other places in various districts. We sensitize the owners about these condoms and also sensitize them on not discriminating against persons coming to buy a condom,” Prescod said.

Sharing brief remarks, Minister of Health Cecil McKie stated that such an initiative is another thrust with the Ministry, to make sure they look into every aspect of wellness.

McKie said the SVPPA’s new premises now provide more privacy and confidentiality when HIV rapid testing is being carried out.

“Education is going to be important as we plan. Promotion of this item and others will be critical in going forward,” he added.

Dr. Del Hamilton, Director of the National Aids Secretariat, also made brief remarks.

The pack of three condoms will be sold at $2 a pack.