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Parents seek the help of the public in finding two teenage girls

Parents seek the help of the public in finding two teenage girls


Vernon Collis says he will leave no stone unturned until his daughter is safely back home.{{more}}

The 57-year-old chauffeur of Collins is soliciting the public’s help in finding his 14-year-old daughter, Shasta John, who left his home on Sunday, December 4.

Relating his plight to SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, Collins said that at about 8:55 p.m., his daughter told him that she was experiencing her menstrual cycle and needed sanitary napkins.

Collins said he went to a shop nearby, but discovered it was closed.

Upon his return, he said Shasta was nowhere to be found.

Collins revealed that he carried out his own investigations and asked people around if they had seen his daughter, who is a student at the West St. George Secondary School.

“I ask one girl, but she tell me she didn’t see her. So, I continue checking,” he said.

He said one girl told him that Shasta had borrowed her cellular phone and sent a “please call me” text message to someone. After the message was sent, Collins said the girl told him that Shasta received several telephone calls.

Collins further said the girl told him she heard Shasta telling the person “Ah coming”. He said the girl asked Shasta where she was going, to which she replied, “That’s not your business.”

Collins said his daughter was giving trouble at school, but stated that she has never done such a thing before.

He said she was last seen in a pair of short blue jeans and a pair of black shoes. He could not recall what top she was wearing.

Anyone having information about the girl’s whereabouts are asked to telephone 455-6536 or contact the nearest police station.

“I know that she went away with somebody. I will not leave any stone unturned. If my daughter has been hurt in anyway, or if anybody is holding my daughter, they will be buying trouble they can’t handle,” Collins said sternly.