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NCCP condemns the killing of Ewart King


The National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP) has condemned the killing of Ewart “Ells” King of Pembroke, and has reiterated its call for citizens to “stop the senseless killings which have been plaguing our Vincentian society within recent times.”{{more}}

In a release, the National Commission on Crime Prevention offered its condolences to the family, friends, medical fraternity and community of Pembroke.

“We condemn, without reservation, his death. The NCCP considers it a senseless and vicious attack on human life,” the release said.

The NCCP said it is deeply concerned and fearful that persons are not resolving conflicts in an amicable way.

The Department is also hopeful that the initiatives employed by the authorities, private citizens, and the NCCP to stem the wave of crime will bear results in the shortest possible time, as we work tirelessly ‘to build a culture of peace in this country’.

Meanwhile, the Department is making a strong appeal to persons to be on the alert as it relates to their safety and security, especially at this time of year.

“We encourage persons to ensure that their windows and doors are safely and securely locked at all times before leaving home. If you are going out, avoid travelling alone and if someone suspicious is noted cross the street, change directions away from them. If necessary, cross back and forth several times. If the persons is following or becomes a threat, use whatever means necessary to attract the attention of others. Remember, it is better to suffer embarrassment from being overcautious than to be a victim of crime.” the release from the NCCP said.