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VINLEC outfits RSVGPF with fire fighting apparatus

VINLEC outfits RSVGPF with fire fighting apparatus


Members of the Fire Department of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) are now better equipped to deal with instances of fires,{{more}} as they received new fire fighting suits and breathing apparatus.

The suits and apparatus are a donation from the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Electricity Services Ltd. (VINLEC) and were handed over to the Commissioner of Police Keith Miller during a ceremony on Wednesday, November 30, 2011, at the Central Police Station.

Chief Executive Officer of VINLEC Thornley Myers stated that the event marked another occasion for VINLEC to express publicly their partnership with the Police Force in efforts to aid in the development of the country.

Myers, referring to the 2009 fire at the company’s Cane Hall station, added that the company had begun to seriously look at the ways in which they responded to fires.

Describing the efforts of the workers who initially assisted in puting out the fire as heroic, Myers further stated that the company became aware of the importance of fire safety.

“For the nation, the fire brigade are the first responders. In discussion with members of the fire brigade and the Commissioner of Police, we thought that we should in our community spirit effort; support the police service not only to be able to assist us, but to be able to assist the community,” Myers said, adding that the company purchased fire fighting suits for themselves donating two suits, along with two sets of breathing apparatus to the Fire Department.

Commissioner Keith Miller, making remarks, thanked Myers and VINLEC for their contribution. Miller stated that there is a serious need for the development of the Force’s fire department not only in terms of getting equipment, but also in terms of the development of their human capacity.

Miller added that with the donation of the suits, the firemen would have to undergo training to become more efficient and effective.

“It does not only mean decoration, it does not only mean putting on these suits, but it means being able to use them effectively and efficiently,” Miller said.

Miller further stated that they are hoping to have fire tenders at every fire station. He added that they have applied for two more fire tenders, with the intention to use one as a ‘floating’ fire tender. He added that they hope to acquire six more sets of breathing apparatus.

Miller added that with only two sets of breathing apparatus, the firemen will have to be deployed strategically in the event of a fire.

“…Strategically, we will have to deploy our men in a different way now. The two men, who will be equipped, they will be the lead persons to go into the burning building and other persons will be backing up from a distance. Without a doubt, this is going to help us significantly. This is going to put us in a better position to strengthen our fire security,” Miller said.

Miller also encouraged members of the public to do their best to prevent fires. “I think for the year, we have had too many fires that were caused recklessly, carelessly,” Miller said.

The suits include a helmet, mask, fire resistant coat and trousers, gloves, boots, an oxygen tank and breathing apparatus. The cost of each suit is $15,000. (OS)