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ULP building capacity to withstand shocks

ULP building capacity to withstand shocks


Torrential rains were no match for the hundreds of Unity Labour Party (ULP) supporters who turned up to the Party’s 18th National Convention last Sunday, November 27, at the Campden Park Secondary School.{{more}}

The convention was held under the theme ‘Building with confidence a more resilient Nation in challenging times’, and saw the political party outlining its strategy, particularly during the existing difficult economic times.

Delivering the keynote address, which lasted just under two hours, the Political Leader and Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves outlined the challenges and the role of the people in ensuring that the country remains afloat.

Building capacity to withstand shocks needed a special people and a special leader, he said. He also called on all Vincentians to become a more productive, educated society.

“I tell you, this just after the first world war, Taiwan was at our level of development – today Taiwan is the 14th largest economy in the world, with the 14th largest foreign reserves in the world, and they did it by educating their people and organizing people into a disciplined group,” the prime minister explained.

“We have been under a lot of shocks,” he said, adding that the majority of the challenges originated overseas.

But despite the challenges, Gonsalves contended that the country was performing better in comparison to some of the other countries in the region and worldwide.

He noted that while this country had been getting interest rates of 4 per cent on its treasury bills, countries such as Italy and Spain had gone just over 5 per cent; Italy’s ten year bonds according to the prime minister had just touched 7 per cent.

“That is to tell you of the pressures they are facing,” he said.

Gonsalves said that the country was still thriving amidst the challenges, but he attributed this to good leadership.

“The important thing about being a leader is that you must know the times,” he said.

Gonsalves continued saying that in a small, resource challenged nation such as St Vincent and the Grenadines, it was difficult to build resilience.

Girlyn Miguel, Deputy Political Leader, saluted the women saying that they are well aware of the times.

“You are feeling the hardships of the times,” Miguel said, adding that many of them are single mothers.

“Sometimes the fathers are nearby or far away, but women are strong and resilient,” she continued as she urged them to remain committed. (DD)