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UISS students produce over 400 lbs of chicken

UISS students produce over 400 lbs of chicken


Last weekend, the Union Island Secondary School produced over 400 pounds of locally reared chicken, supplying the local community in time for the Christmas holidays.{{more}}

The poultry farm is part of the School’s Co-operative AgriBusiness Project set up by the Ministry of National Mobilization, in collaboration with the St Vincent and the Grenadines General Employees Co-operative Credit Union (GECCU), under the theme “Developing youth entrepreneurship the co-operative way”.

Sunita Gomes, who spearheads the operations of the farm, and is also the Agricultural Science teacher at the UISS, related that the construction of the pen, the tools, the feed, and the chicks etc were supplied as part of the starter project, and it is expected that the school’s co-operative will turnover the proceeds from sales to continue the project.

She further stated that this project provides a perfect opportunity for students to learn the correct procedures in poultry rearing, which will assist them in managing successful agri- businesses in the future. She also stated that the students are using the project as part of their School Based Assessment (SBA).

Gomes is of the view the students will be able to excel at the upcoming CSEC exams, having gained practical knowledge. Speaking on the challenges of the project, she related that the project went smoothly, and the chickens appeared to be free from diseases.

The students involved in the project showed great dedication taking turns specified on a schedule to perform duties on the farm. They all participated in the slaughtering, plucking and packaging of the whole chickens. Demand was greater than supply, as word quickly spread on the local market, forcing persons to settle for one chicken instead of two. Customers expressed satisfaction, stating that the chickens are heavy and seemed to be well reared.

Meanwhile, Registrar of Cooperatives, Cecil Jackson, told SEARCHLIGHT there are seven additional projects of this nature established throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines. He expressed the view that projects such as these should help to introduce entrepreneurship from an early stage as well as assist in school based assessments and exams. He further stated that the Co-operative Division unit operating under the Ministry of National Mobilization will continue to establish projects like these throughout the country once funding is available.(SG)