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Stowe wins church public speaking competition

Stowe wins church public speaking competition


Getting actively involved in church life helps young people to develop positive attitudes that contribute to building a better nation.{{more}}

This opinion was thoroughly supported by facts presented by six young persons on November 23, 2011, at a Public Speaking competition held at the Apostolic Faith Mission Church, Bequia.

Participants not only supported active involvement in church life, but also said that a personal relationship with God is pivotal.

“Ninety-eight point six per cent of the crimes committed are by young persons who are not actively involved in church life,” said participant Chelson Stowe.

He further said that being actively involved in church life would also lower the rate of suicide because persons are taught to take all their problems to the Lord in prayer.

Stowe copped the Best Given Speech and the Best Prepared Speech categories, which resulted in him emerging as the overall winner of the competition. In his prepared speech, Stowe spoke on the topic “Abortion, is it ever ok?”

During his presentation, he emphatically stated that abortion is premeditated first degree murder. He gave in-depth details of how an abortion is performed, and statistics showing that at least one baby is aborted every twenty seconds.

The most anticipated and interesting part of the competition, however, was the impromptu category. Jevon Bynoe won the judges’ approval for this category, speaking on the topic “Gossip”. Bynoe give a very interesting speech on what is gossip and how it is circulated. Some of the other topics included “Laughter is the best medicine”, “Cell phones”, “Facebook”, “Goals are good for you” and “Worship”. Bynoe placed third, with Rashida Gregg in second place.

The Public Speaking Competition was the second of its kind, the first one being held ten years ago in 2001.

According to organizers, the competition will now be held on an annual basis. Leader of the Assembly, Reverend Daniel Bynoe, said that he was impressed with the level of information imparted to the audience. Also present was Deputy Director of Grenadines Affairs Herman Belmar, who was highly impressed and shared the view of everyone that the competition should have been broadcast on television.

The audience was quite receptive and went away with a vast amount of information on which to ponder.