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Firemen will be rewarded for bravery – Police Commissioner

Firemen will be rewarded for bravery – Police Commissioner


The firemen who successfully put out the recent fire at the Administrative Building were publicly praised by the Commissioner of Police, Keith Miller.{{more}}

Miller, making remarks during the handing over ceremony of fire fighting suits at the Central Police station on Wednesday, November 30, highly commended the men on their bravery.

“I think within the police force there is a little incentive where we can award our men, and the men are up for a financial reward from the Commissioner of Police,” Miller stated.

Further commenting on the bravery of the men, Miller described them as being ‘so powerful and skillful’ battling the fire with only a “Tee Shirt and ordinary pants.”

Miller stated that a strong letter of recommendation will also be placed on the personal files of the men, adding that he hopes they will progress following their commendation and recognition.

On Saturday, October 18, 2011, firemen battled flames which burnt through the north eastern corner of the Administrative Building. The fire department, assisted by other departments of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, was able to contain and put out the fire, in just over an hour’s time. Two men were treated for smoke inhalation.

Miller also stated that plans are in place to train members of the fire department to become more efficient. He added that in the event of a fire, fire men not only have to battle smoke, but other chemicals that may be in buildings. Miller stated that they plan to have business places submit building plans to the department, which will point out where certain chemicals are stored. This Miller said will better prepare the men about how to enter the building and what agents to use when dousing fires.(OS)