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Courts Ham, Turkey and Grog giveaway is back for Christmas


The Ham, Turkey and Grog giveaway is back at Courts this year.

Starting yesterday, December 1, and going until Christmas Eve, December 24, customers taking advantage of the many offers available at the store,{{more}} and spending $499, stand a chance of receiving vouchers for a ham, turkey and wine, in the latest campaign called ‘Give’.

Marketing Executive of Courts Alexis John, speaking on the promotion, said that Courts has incorporated the core value of Christmas to the Courts shopping experience.

“We have many gifts to give, and we are the perfect gift for all electronics, appliances, furniture and furnishings in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

During the Campaign, persons spending between $499 and $2499 will receive a free bottle of wine, while persons receiving a ham or turkey would have spent between $2500 and $4499, and persons spending over$4500 will receive both a turkey and a ham.

Additional free gifts will also be given to persons spending up to $$2,999, $4,999 and over $5,000.

Persons shopping during this period will also pay nothing down and make no payments until March 2012, and those buying a Frigidaire product will receive an additional ham or turkey voucher.

John also stressed that during the campaign, Courts will be hosting mini Stash of Cash days, Countdown to Christmas deals, product demonstrations.

“This is the season for customers, and we are making it a merry one for them,” John said.