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Bequia Apostolic Faith Mission hosts Bible Pageant

Bequia Apostolic Faith Mission hosts Bible Pageant


“Young vessels of honour for the Master’s use” was the theme of a youth week organized by the youths of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Church Bequia from November 21 to 27, 2011.{{more}}

As a means of displaying who or what is a vessel of honour, eight beautiful and intelligent young ladies took part in the third Bible Pageant, an activity unique to that assembly.

The Apostolic Faith Mission Church made history in St.Vincent and the Grenadines with the first ever Bible Pageant in 2001, which started out with some young persons having a mere conversation.

The Bible Pageant involves four categories. These categories include “Books of the Bible”, where each participant represents a specific book of the Bible and gives a summarized description of that book; in the section “Women of the Bible”, participants are named after notary biblical women and give a background of their character. There is also a talent segment where persons display various talents, whether dance, song, drama or poetry. The last segment is the interview segment where participants attire themselves in church wear and are asked questions on spiritual or social issues.

According to organizer of the Pageant Clerise Derrick, in defense to critics, the first ever Pageant took place in the Bible where Esther won a beauty pageant to become the queen of Persia and was then used by God in her capacity as queen to save the Jews.

The aim of the Pageant is to educate the community on biblical and social issues and to increase knowledge in the Word of God. The activity, however, is not a competition, and participants aren’t judged. The young ladies awed the audience in astounding presentations and talents.

The youth week also consisted of a prayer meeting, a movie night, public speaking competition, a night of talent, and climaxed with and Evangelistic Service, with Guest Speaker Mandella Campbell from the Upper Room Ministries St.Vincent. Campbell urged the youths to be vessels of honour and to take the limits off of God and themselves. (DC)