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11 Soca artistes to grace the stage at LOL Soca

11 Soca artistes to grace the stage at LOL Soca


On Saturday, December 3, eleven of this country’s young and upcoming soca artistes will be given the exposure that they did not receive during the 2011 carnival season.{{more}}

Regis “Splectron” Williams, the person responsible for hosting the event dubbed ‘LOL Soca’, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, November 29, that the artistes will have the opportunity to perform before a large crowd, as well as making the money invested for studio time during the carnival season.

“All during Carnival these guys didn’t get a chance to perform on a big show. Some of the DJ’s didn’t play their songs because of whatever reasons, so on Saturday night at Victoria Park, this is their turn to shine.

“This is their little soca monarch,” Splectron said.

Splectron said that Saturday’s show promises to be a spectacular event filled with entertainment and laughter.

“As the name says, ‘laugh out loud’ (LOL), it will be hilarious and very entertaining.

“… I would advise the artistes to build their performance with some humour because points will be awarded for that.

Another segment of Saturday’s event is the “Four Kings Clash”.

“Two of the past Road March champions as well as two of the past Soca Monarchs will meet on stage and compete for top honors. Patrons will have a choice between Fireman Hooper, Poorsah, Madzart and reigning soca monarch Gao.

“It’s going to be like we reliving Carnival in December,” Splectron added.

The eleven soca artistes scheduled to make an appearance at the LOL Soca show include: Lil Pain, Lady D, Beenie West, Lawyer Boy, Elegance, Mr. Blue, Bunny Rebbel, Johnny Rebbel, Cloud, Splendid and Steadygan.