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SVGFF taking legal action in US$40,000 matter

SVGFF taking legal action in US$40,000 matter


President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation Venold Coombs has indicated that his Executive will be taking the legal route to ascertain where is the US$40,000,{{more}} alleged to have been given to the organisation, at a Special Meeting of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) at the Hyatt Hotel in Trinidad and Tobago, on May 10 and 11, this year.

The matter of the money arose from a bribery scandal, involving members of CFU, in which former FIFA presidential candidate, Qatari Mohammed bin Hammam, was accused of offering it in exchange for their votes.

At that meeting, St. Vincent and the Grenadines was represented by former SVGFF President Joseph Delves and former General Secretary Ian Hypolite.

Both men have vehemently denied receiving the money in question.

However, Coombs told SEARCHLIGHT last Saturday: “I am pursuing legal action on the matter of the US$40,000”.

An adamant Coombs further stated, “It must be tested in court.”

The basis of Coombs’ pursuance is a letter sent to him by Hypolite on October 17, in which the then General Secretary quoted from the evidence report from the FBI investigator.

Hypolite wrote: “Typically, the cash was provided by Debbie Mingeuell and Jason Sylvester to the presidents of the associations individually.”

In the same letter, Hypolite reiterated his stance as he stated, “I did not accept any cash from anyone while attending the Congress”.

Coombs said that former President of the CFU, President of CONCACAF, and a FIFA Vice President, Trinidadian Austin “Jack” Warner is on record stating that the monies offered at the said meeting were for development.

Those who received money were ordered to return it to FIFA.

Since the scandal blew up in June, this year, FIFA had ordered investigations, led by ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh.

The investigations have since resulted in bin Hammam being given a life ban, while several others who took part in the Special Meeting have received suspensions, fines, reprimands, or have had their cases dropped.

Warner had his charges dropped, having resigned all his posts.

Hypolite was given a 15-day suspension, but has since been fired by the Executive of the SVGFF, while Delves has quit any official capacity in organised Football here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.