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Burglars strike Agency for Public Information building

Burglars strike Agency for Public Information building


The staff of the Agency for Public Information (API) was greeted early Monday morning by a thundered office, an indication of another break-in to the building.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT visited the API’s office on Monday, and found a ransacked staffroom. Contents of desks were strewn on the floor, and the surface of one desk was vandalized, scrawled with obscene language.

Director of API Jimmy Prince stated that it appeared that entrance into the building was made through the roof in the staff room. He said it appeared as if the assailants may have removed the galvanize to enter.

At the right corner of the staff room, a chair was stacked onto desks and a hole was visible in the ceiling.

Prince said he could not say definitively all that was missing or damaged, but at that time, could only say a transformer was missing.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke to staff members, who were clearly upset about the situation.

“It’s very depressing, to come into a building and not knowing how you are going to meet it,” one staff member said.

“It’s quite an unfortunate situation,” stated another employee, whose desk was scarred with obscene language. “I can’t see myself doing anything on this desk,” she added.

Staff members stated that it is time for a change in location. Prince stated that it was the third time this year that a break-in has occurred.

Staff members also stated that the building is hazardous to their health, as there is a leaking roof in the staff room, and an unpleasant odour.

Prince stated that current security measures include locking the premises. He added that burglar bars are in place, but in the past they were cut away during a break-in to the building. He added that there are plans to relocate the API.