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SOl stepping up with Shell V Power with FMT

SOl stepping up with Shell V Power with FMT


Five years after the introduction of Shell V Power to the region, fuel provider SOL claim that they have raised the stakes in terms of the quality of gasoline.{{more}}

At a simulcast teleconference on Thursday, November 17, which featured regional shell officials, shell distributors and media from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Grenada and Barbados, the company announced that another additive: Friction Modification Technology (FMT) had been added to their premium unleaded fuel.

The fuel was developed by Shell in collaboration with Ferrari for its Formula One cars, and was released for regional distribution just about a week ago.

Shell scientists say that the new fuel helps to clean engines of build up as it burns, and increases performance and extends the lives of engines.

According to Steve Francis, Local General Manager of Sol Eastern Caribbean, his company had looked at ways and means of improving their product and had come up with a new and improved product for consumers.

Speaking at the local leg of the simulcast, which took place at the Sunset Shores Hotel in Villa, Francis indicated that there is a marked difference between Shell V Power and basic unleaded gasoline.

“We are looking to see how we can best improve to the benefit of our customers, hence when you fill up tomorrow at any shell service station, you will be using Shell V Power with FMT.”

According to Regional Group Marketing Manager Raidar Karlsrud, who spoke from Barbados, his company was very passionate about offering quality high performance fuel on the market to consumers through cutting edge technology.

“We are committed to working very hard with this advanced formulation with performance enhancing components. It is inspired by what Shell has learned on the race track with Ferrari.”

“This helps with the responsiveness of the engine as it is designed to remove existing engine deposits and particle buildup.”

“It makes engines clean; or if you have a new car, it will stay clean. It keeps your engine fit and strong.”

Meanwhile, Francis indicated that since the introduction of the original Shell V Power gas, his company has seen an increase in sales, and with the new Shell V Power with FMT, he expects things to get better.

“We operate in price controlled environment, so obviously we have to go for the increased market share; and increased market share will also come from improving the market quality… by improving the product quality obviously there are many consumers who would have switched from the other side to our side, and those who were with us that may have been soft-core loyalists will become hardcore loyalists.”