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Robertson announces new plans for bananas

Robertson announces new plans for bananas


Chief Agricultural Officer Reuben Robertson, has advised that government has taken a comprehensive approach towards ensuring the sustainability of country’s banana industry.{{more}}

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, November 23, held at the Ministry of Agriculture conference room, Robertson revealed that the Ministry has embarked on a comprehensive program that has five components.

The first component focuses on effective management of the Black Sigatoka disease. The second is a comprehensive fruit quality improvement which looks at revised legislations that complements the programs on fruit quality control.

The third component is directed at enhancing production and productivity where approximately one hundred sucker plants will be imported.

The fourth will focus on ensuring that by the first half of 2012, all banana farmers are certified.

“This means that we will be able to meet the international standards,” the Chief Agricultural Officer noted.

Component five is a public awareness education and training.

According to Robertson, “this component focuses primarily on rebuilding the competence and the confidence of the farmers for effective banana production.”