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House burns to the ground in Paul’s Avenue

House burns to the ground in Paul’s Avenue


The cause of a fire, which broke out at approximately 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 23, in the Paul’s Avenue area, and left a wooden house completely demolished, is still unknown.{{more}}

The one bedroom wooden structure, which was owned by Sybil Alexander was being rented by Maxine Phillips and her son.

However, Phillips is presently out of state and her son was the only person residing in the house.

The whereabouts of Phillips’ son were still unknown up to press time, but according to eyewitnesses, he was seen during the initial stage of the fire, but by the time it was contained, he was no longer on the scene.

According to Alexander, who lives in a two- storey house less than two feet away, “Everything, the entire house was burned to the ground.”

“When the fire started, because I am a pressure case, my daughter took me somewhere far away from here, because she was concerned about my pressure. I went to the casualty and they checked my pressure and it was ok…,” she said.

The fire was contained at about 8:50 pm after residents rushed to the assistance of the fire officers who arrived on the scene.

During the initial stages of the fire, two civilians were seen operating the fire truck hose.

One of the individuals, Calvert Smart, who resides in the Paul’s Avenue area, said that he saw the fire while on his way home and rushed to the assistance of the fire officer who arrived on the scene.

“When I came across, I met the small fire truck, and when the bigger one came, there was only one fireman on the truck. So I joined in and started to help,” Smart said.

As a result of the blazing fire, Alexander’s larger house also suffered damage to two of the bedrooms. The entire house was also flooded with water that was used to prevent the fire from spreading to the two-story wall structure.

No one was injured during the forty-five minute blaze.