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Green Hill Sports Club holds children’s fun day

Green Hill Sports Club holds  children’s fun day


As part of the club’s 30th Anniversary celebration, the Green Hill Sports and Cultural Club hosted a children’s fun day on Saturday, November 19, as part of Universal Children’s Day(Nov 20th), which is commemorated world wide.{{more}}

The activity was the first of its kind to mark the day in the community, although the organization has had other activities for children in the community. Environmental hikes, nine mornings excursion to Kingstown, children’s night, during the Christmas Light up competition, Spelling B Competition, 4H Club activity, and the annual Olympic Day Run are all part of involving children of the community in activities which enhance their development as well as the community’s.

Support for the activity was received from Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Department of Physical Education and Sports and Premier Distributors limited.