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Family shocked over elderly woman’s death

Family shocked over elderly woman’s death


The circumstances surrounding the death of 72-year old Juanita Nanton of King’s Village, Stubbs, have left her daughter Yvonne “Nenny” Nanton in shock.{{more}}

Evany spoke to SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, November 21, shortly after she discovered her mother’s body in the yard of their home.

Still traumatized over her mother’s death, Yvonne told SEARCHLIGHT that she was still unsure about what transpired between the time she left her mother alone at home and when she returned.

Yvonne said she, her mother, her son and a little boy she takes care of live in the house. She explained that her mother was not in good health as she is a bit “dark-sighted” and suffers from heart problems and pressure.

“I normally take the little boy to school and come back home. Today, when I reach back, I meet the entire place turn up, and to tell the God truth, I didn’t even notice she take off my sheet off the bed.

“I kept calling and she nah answer. When I open back the door and going down the stairs, me meet she down dey dead,” Yvonne said, with teary eyes.

She explained that Juanita used to spend a lot of time on the back porch of the top floor of their home.

“She used to be sitting behind there all the time. Today I left her home and there were some pillows on the porch wall. I don’t know what happen, but when I check, the pillows still been dey and the sheet wrap around the wall.

“I can’t say what happen, only God alone knows,” she added.

“Nenny”, as she is commonly referred to, noted that when she found her mother, “she had already turned purple.”

“Like she got hang up in the sheet over the wall and then the sheet tear and she drop. The doctor from Stubbs clinic says she broke her back and neck when she dropped,” Nenny explained.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Department of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force reported that a postmortem done on Nanton’s body confirmed that she died as a result of hanging.