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Boyea: St. Lucians are our friends, not foreigners

Boyea: St. Lucians are our friends, not foreigners


St. Lucians are not foreigners, but rather, they are our neighbours and our friends.{{more}}

These sentiments were expressed by a few of the speakers who addressed the audience at the soft opening of the Save-A-Lot Food Stores on Monday, November 21, 2011.

The Save-A-Lot Food Store, a privately operated supermarket, is operated by Consolidated Foods Ltd, one of St. Lucia’s leading retail and distribution companies.

Speaking briefly at the opening, Ken Boyea, a shareholder representative, stated that there have been talks of St. Lucians coming to St. Vincent. Relating that he has managed the electricity company in St. Lucia, and that his son has a company there, Boyea added that the managing team from St. Lucia consists of a “lovely bunch of people”. He added that one is actually a Vincentian, who has spent a number of years in St. Lucia.

“So don’t let’s get into this talk about foreigners coming here. St. Lucians are not foreigners, they are a part of our region,” Boyea said.

Also commenting on the issue, Hans King another shareholder represenative, stated that we should embrace St. Lucians and not refer to them as foreigners.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I consider St. Lucians to be foreigners, but part of the Caribbean civilization as my neighbours and my friends,” King noted.

Michael Chastanet, Chairman of Consolidated Foods Ltd, delivering his remarks, stated that they have come to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to work along with Vincentians, bringing to the table their experience and expertise in the supermarket business.

“We didn’t come here to fight or knock out anybody. What we have brought to St. Vincent is a strategy, a strategy whereby Vincentians will benefit,” Chastanet said.