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Eustace: The objective is not just to form government

Eustace: The objective is not just to form government


President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Arnhim Eustace has cautioned party supporters that the objective of the NDP is not just to form government.{{more}}

Eustace, who is also the Leader of the Opposition, was at the time presenting the keynote address at the political party’s 36th annual convention, when he mentioned some of the party’s aims, once elected to government.

The convention attracted a large number of party supporters, some wearing the party’s symbolic colour, yellow, and was held at the NDP headquarters at Murray Road on Sunday, November 20.

He told the gathering, “If you set your eyes on believing that this party’s aim is just simply to form government, then you are frankly missing the entire point!”

The Opposition Leader, who spoke for over an hour, said that the NDP wants “to remake political office, so that it answers to, rather than silences the people; to usher in economic growth and development.

“To restore the perception of other governments and peoples that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a mature polity with a dignified and competent leader!” Eustace affirmed to loud applause.

The former Prime Minister promised that if the NDP is elected to office as government, it “will hold every Vincentian accountable for their actions in public office. And be fearless in so doing…”

It was also noted by Eustace that in last year’s December 13 general elections, the NDP increased, from three to seven, the number of seats it holds in Parliament, one seat short of forming government.

In the 2001 elections, the New Democratic Party was reduced to just three seats, with the ULP winning 12. In the 2005 elections the party also won three seats.

However, in the 2010 elections, the party saw a rise in the popular vote, winning seven seats.

“Only one political party in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has foretold the current economic crisis. In only one political party can it be said that the whole is the greater than the sum of its parts…

“Liken our party, the New Democratic Party, to a single person, constituted as we all are of many parts. Liken the annual convention to this person’s early assessments, such as happen with the routine check-up, or such as each of us often feels compelled to do inwardly on our birthdays,” Eustace stated.