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‘Silky’ attends Toyota meet in Las Vegas

‘Silky’ attends Toyota meet in Las Vegas


St. Vincent and the Grenadines was represented at a worldwide meeting of Toyota leaders in Las Vegas, Nevada, from November 13 to 16.{{more}}

Bertille “Silky” DaSilva from Star Garage Ltd. attended the meeting at which Toyota’s President Akio Toyoda was expected to speak about the recent tragedies such as the earthquake that affected Japan and the flood that affected Thailand and their impacts on supply/demand of the Toyota brand worldwide.

The issue at the forefront of DaSilva’s discussion with Toyota representatives was the ongoing router problem that has been affecting Toyota Hiaces in St. Vincent.

Hiace owners can be assured that DaSilva and Toyota are working on the problem and a solution to the problem is expected to be met, a release from Star Garage said.

Other matters discussed during the convention were: major and minor model changes to the product line-up, new model concepts that will be introduced to the product line-up, new innovations (environmental, safety and technological concepts), strategic planning for the next 5 years, vision for the brand (in-depth look at history, principles, methods of operation and varied business avenues of Toyota), among other topics.