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Lucky customers win LIME food hampers

Lucky customers win LIME food hampers


LIME customers continue to reap tangible benefits from this country’s premium telecommunications provider.{{more}}

During the month of November, LIME will be giving away two food hampers weekly to its loyal customers.

This week, Campden Park resident Pamela Springer and Leanora DeFreitas of Dorsetshire Hill collected their hampers because they paid their bill in full.

Pamela Springer expressed gratitude to the telecoms provider for its kind gesture and commented “that’s why I will never leave LIME. I am truly grateful and I always questioned my luck until now.”

DeFreitas was equally happy and also expressed appreciation to LIME for the promotion. “I never expected to win since I pay my bill on time and in full every time. This is just a bonus, really,” said DeFreitas.

“With Christmas fast approaching, the promotion is going to get our customers in a joyous mood. Christmas plans to be exciting, but I think the excitement started early with this offer”, said Marketing Manager Fitz Huggins.

The promotion continues for the entire month, and every Friday in November, all customers paying their bill in full will be eligible to win a food hamper valued at $250.