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Independence twins born in porch in Chateaubelair

Independence twins born in porch in Chateaubelair


Anthony Alexander of Chateaubelair is still beaming over what he considers his double independence miracles.{{more}}

Alexander told SEARCHLIGHT that on October 26, at around 11:55 p.m., he was chatting with his wife LaFleur by phone, as he was in Union Island, while she was at his mother’s home in Chateaubelair. She had come to the mainland from the family’s home in Union Island since September for pre-natal care.

Anthony said that around 11:58 p.m., his wife suddenly said that her water had broken.

“I was surprised because I know that she wasn’t officially due for another two weeks, so I told her to let my mother call the Chateaubelair hospital and wait for the ambulance,’’ Alexander said.

La Fleur explained that she grabbed her bags which were already packed, and was waiting on the porch for the ambulance when the first baby began to come.

“I had to hold the baby until my mother-in-law brought a blanket to catch her,” the mother of five said.

Proud grandmother Doreen said that she panicked at first, but then she laid the baby on the floor and began to look after her; clearing her nose and mouth, until she heard her cry.

“While I was looking after this one, La fleur call out that the other one was coming. I had to leave and deal with the new one,” Doreen explained.

When the ambulance arrived a short while later, both baby girls were already breathing on their own. Dr Murray along with Nurse Judy Haywood took control, and the babies and their mother were taken to the Chateaubelair hospital.

When SEARCHLIGHT caught up with the happy family this week, Anthony was all smiles.

Two days after the twins were born, he flew to St Vincent. He said that the yet unnamed twins are doing well, although twin number two was hospitalized for four days with respiratory issues.

“They are my two independence miracles and they were born in the house that I grew up in, so nobody can say that they are not Chato people; them born right ya,” Anthony, a carpenter, exclaimed.

La Fleur said that she was surprised that the babies came at the time they did, as she felt no pain. I was planning to go to Kingstown to give birth, but this worked out better. The Lord moves in a mysterious way, the devout Seventh Day Adventist said.

The twins’ proud grandmother Doreen told SEARCHLIGHT that it was a life changing experience for her and that she is looking forward to having the twins spend time with her.

“Tell me how many grandmothers have the privilege of delivering their own grandchildren in their own home. This is a blessing for the whole family, Doreen said, while gently swaying one of her granddaughters.

The family’s other children are 14-year-old Antonio, Anthony Jr, five, and three-year-old Latonia who also witnessed the miraculous births. (TY)