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God does not sleep, says PM

God does not sleep, says PM


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has reminded persons who take delight in broadcasting false information about his health that God does not sleep.{{more}}

Speaking on a call in programme on WE FM on Sunday, November 13, the Prime Minister said that on Saturday, November 12, it was broadcast on one of the nation’s radio stations that he was sick and in the hospital. This according to the PM was not true.

“On Saturday [Press Secretary] Hans King called at the house to find out from the security if I am at the Hospital, because it was on a radio station that I was at the hospital and that I was sick.

“Now, on Friday, I went into my constituency and I walked about the place in South Rivers, because there were two deaths and I couldn’t be at the funerals… so I went to pay my respects to the family who are friends of mine.”

“Now, how can you have me in the hospital sick and I am fit and walking about the place?” Gonsalves asked.

“You saw me this morning (Sunday) standing up for almost an hour at the parade for Remembrance Day. I am here today with you, and by the time I leave here get home, eat; and by 3 o’clock I am at the opening ceremony for the Bank of St. Vincent… Then I leave there and go to Diamond village for a public meeting.

Now that is a hell of a schedule for a man who sick,” the PM said with a chuckle.

Gonsalves also made mention of an injury to his foot which he sustained during a vehicular accident on April 9, 2007.

“I had an injury to my foot. They wrote it in their newspaper and they talking it on their programs, but the Bible has several references about persons who go in glee about those who are ill.

“I wasn’t ill, but let us say those who go in glee about it, God does not sleep.

“If they don’t stop it they will get afflicted with their eyes, their mouth, their nose, their ears, their body and if they don’t, the people close to them, they must be very careful about this thing, never get on like that.”

“They seem so bad minded, they can’t help it,” the Prime Minister stated.