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Caesar – Go back to the lands and work

Caesar – Go back to the lands and work


Area representative for South Central Windward Saboto Caesar is encouraging members of his constituency to return to the land.{{more}}

Addressing a Unity Labour Party political meeting at Diamond, in his constituency, on Sunday, November 13, Caesar told the gathering that if they fail to go back to the lands and work, “it is going to be a time of hardship for people in this country.”

“God has blessed us with fertile soil. God has blessed us with strong men and women who can work…,” he said.

The Minister revealed that over the past six months, he has done some research in the South Central Windward area and it was discovered that there are 5000 acres of farm lands.

“I did my work and there are 800 registered farmers…”

He advised that the political meeting was not intended for persons to leave and have discussions on what was said.

“There are many things we have to begin to do within the next 24 hours to lift production here in South Central Windward for us to sustain our livelihood in this economic crisis,” Caesar added.

Caesar then asked his constituency members: “How are we going to use the land in this country for our sustainability and our livelihoods?”

Caesar also spoke of the many unutilized plots of land located in his constituency and reiterated the need for persons to return to working the lands.

“We have in South Central Windward 3,500 acres of land that we can use to produce…

“When you come up Mt. Greenan road, one of the best pieces of cultivation in South Central was by Lex Caesar on the left hand side of the road. When you pass there now, you have water grass, you have halber cashy and high grasses… those areas are now out of cultivation,” the Minister revealed.

Some of the other uncultivated lands mentioned included the Sans Souci Estate and the Godwin Daniel’s Estate which Caesar noted are now over run by “all sorts of vines.”

“As a primary school student, they used to have to send us when Country Gonsalves was using his chemicals, because all of the lands been working. When you drive down there today and look at all those lands, all those lands are lying fallow.

“What does that mean to a farming community…? It means that those persons who used to be working with Godwin Daniel and Lex Caesar, they are unemployed,” the Minister stated.

Caesar, also the Minister for Tourism, noted that Tourism is the transformative sector, “but agriculture will forever remain the back bone of the economy of this rural sector.”(AA)