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Browne snubbed for opening of SVGTCCU Building

Browne snubbed for opening of SVGTCCU Building


One of the past presidents of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union (SVGTU) has expressed disappointment at not receiving an invitation{{more}} to the opening of the new headquarters of the St. Vincent Union of Teachers’ Co-operative Credit Union.

Mike Browne, who served as president of the Teachers’ Union from 1976 to 1980, publicly expressed his disappointment on Monday, November 14, during the Union’s forum, discussing the topic “1975 in retrospect.”

“I am blatantly disappointed the St. Vincent Union of Teachers’ Credit Union opened a million dollar building two Sundays ago, I did not even get an invitation,” he said.

Browne’s statement resulted in loud grumbles from some members of the audience, followed by applause from some persons gathered.

“Me who made the sacrifice and go jail, who got charged, brought before the Court, left right and centre… me who took up the decision to set up the Credit Union and do all the negotiations.

“I understand Joye [Browne, another former SVUT president] didn’t get one either, and some other people who were on the Executive of that Board of the Credit Union didn’t get,” Browne said.

The former president said he was making the point “to say that there are always the people who will benefit from our sacrifices who will not acknowledge us…

“But they riding high whether they gain politically or financially, and then try and negate your contribution like if yo ain’t do nothing.”

The new credit union headquarters of the St. Vincent Union of Teachers Co-operative Credit Union is located in Paul’s Avenue, Kingstown, and was officially opened on Sunday, October 30.(AA)