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SFA workshop comes to an end

SFA workshop comes to an end


The benefits of the European Union Funded Food and Agricultural Organization Special Framework for Assistance 2006 were highlighted recently, as facilitators and participants of the programme brought the programme to a close on Monday, November 14, 2011.{{more}}

The closing workshop was held at the Methodist Church Hall.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Minister of Agriculture Forestry, Fisheries and Rural Transformation Montgomery Daniel stated that the SFA 2006 programme has aided in the development of the Agricultural Industry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines since its inception.

Daniel stated that four projects were funded under the SFA 2006 programme, namely the New Strategic Plan for Agricultural Diversification, the strengthening of Plant Health, Quarantine and Phyto-sanitary Systems, National Annual Agricultural Sector Report (Review) and an Environment Watershed Management – Re: Sustainable Alternative Livelihood Project.

He added that through the programme, the agricultural sector has achieved great development. The strengthening of plant health quarantine and Phyto Sanitary Systems component has enabled the sector to develop the capabilities of their plant protection staff to deliver services more efficiently. Staff members were also exposed to training, Daniel stated.

Through the programme, focus was also placed on developing forestry resources to see how best they can provide livelihood possibilities. The programme also assisted government in developing a strategic framework and development plan for the agricultural sector.

The closing workshop also featured remarks from Chief Agricultural Office Reuben Robertson, National Authorizing Officer Laura Anthony Browne and PRO Subregional Representative Florita Kentish. The four components of the programme were also revisited and discussions held on the way forward for the sector.(OS)