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‘Dumpling’ found dead in alley at ‘Bottom Town’

‘Dumpling’ found dead in alley at ‘Bottom Town’


A post mortem was expected to have been conducted yesterday, Monday, to determine the cause of death of 51-year-old Junior ‘Dumpling’ Bushay,{{more}} whose lifeless body was discovered around 5:45 a.m. Saturday, November 12, in an alley in Rose Place (Bottom Town).

According to Police, it appears as though Bushay may have died from natural causes.

Ellsworth Hazelwood, a relative of the deceased, told SEARCHLIGHT that Bushay was recently hospitalized and had been complaining that he was not feeling well shortly before his death.

But, according to Hazelwood, the man disregarded the advice of relatives to seek medical attention.

“We told him to go to de hospital, but he didn’t want to go,” Hazelwood said.

He added that he had seen the deceased man Friday night and again told him to go to the hospital.

Hazelwood said that he saw his cousin change his clothes, but just when he thought the man was going to check himself into the hospital, he saw him go into the alley where he eventually died.

“Around 4 or minutes to 5, I passed and saw him still in the same position,” Hazelwood told SEARCHLIGHT, adding that he got word shortly thereafter that his cousin had passed on.

He said that he was not sure what the deceased man was diagnosed with, but said that he knew that Bushay’s home was infested with rodents.

Hazelwood said Bushay was a fisherman, originally from Layou, and was the father of three children in Grenada.

He described his cousin as a quiet individual and as a person who did not make trouble.

Hazelwood told SEARCHLIGHT that Bushay had stopped drinking, except for the occasional beer, since being released from the hospital just over a month ago. (DD)