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Cave Hill School of Business hosts information sharing session

Cave Hill School of Business hosts information sharing session


On Wednesday, November 9, the Cave Hill School of Business (CHSB) held an information sharing session for Vincentians seeking to advance their studies in business at the undergraduate and graduate levels.{{more}}

The short session was held at Joachim and Associates Conference Room, Murray Road and was facilitated by Ann Wallace, Programme Director and Dr Justin Robinson, Head of the Department of Management Studies at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies.

During the session, information about the organization as well as some of the programs offered were related to the 12 persons who were in attendance.

The two main programs discussed were Tourism and Hospitality Management and Building and Construction Management.

Wallace explained that, based on research conducted here, there was a need for a “face to face program for persons seeking to advance their studies in the business field.”

She further explained that Cave Hill seeks to be a catalyst for business growth through the development of intellectual and human capital.

“We are an international competitor at the forefront of innovative research, education, training and consulting with high quality, accessible services. Our graduates are sought worldwide and demonstrate the excellence and quality which CHSB embraces.

“We are committed to the development of people to enable businesses to compete and win regionally and internationally,” she said.

Meanwhile, elaborating more on the face to face teaching of the programmes offered, Dr Justin Robinson said that interested persons will not have to leave their respective countries to complete the selected programmes.

“There are instances where persons will want to pursue studies in a specific area, but because of their commitment to their jobs, they are unable to come to our campus,” he said.

According to Robinson, interested persons will have the advantage of tutors from Cave Hill visiting SVG to teach the courses on selected days.

“The same information that students at the campus will be given will be passed on to those doing the programmes here and there is still the opportunity to come to our campuses for a short period of three months,” he added.

Persons wishing to access more information on the courses being offered can to visit the school’s site at

All programmes offered by Cave Hill School of Business are accredited by the University of the West Indies (UWI).

To date, there are 1,500 graduates from the Cave Hill School of Business programs.