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Ten small business owners trained in basic ICT

Ten small business owners  trained in basic ICT


Ten small business owners and operators this week honed their skills in basic Information Communication Technology (ICT).{{more}}

The Centre for Enterprise Development Inc (CED) hosted the workshop titled ‘Computer

Training for Small Business Development’, from November 7-11 to familiarize small business owners and operators with ICT tools that will help them to manage their businesses better. The workshop is the fifth in a series which began in July.

According to CED Training Coordinator/PRO Keisha Phillips, the response to this workshop was overwhelming.

“The Computer Training for Small Business Development is specifically designed to introduce small business owners to basic ITC programmes, but the response thus far goes beyond our expectations,” Phillips said.

“When we announced this workshop we would have indicated that we can only accommodate 10 in the session. However, we have had numerous phone calls and resquests. As a result, we have decided to conduct another workshop next week to accommodate another 10 persons who want to take advantage of the training.”

She says CED recognizes the need to equip the small business sector with knowledge and skills that they can use to make their businesses more successful.

“We provide technical support assistance of a wide range to the business sector, and we continue to tailor our services and training to suit the changing times, and to better position businesses to be more competitive and more successful. Hence this workshop is more than timely, as we are seeing a number of small business operators who do not know how to use these programmes, and CED hopes to correct this.”

“We want to urge small business owners to continue to develop their skills. No longer can you rely on your teenage son or daughter to type a letter for you or design a flyer to promote your business. You must ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to use these tools in order to better manage and develop your business.”

Phillips says the CED is hoping that they will soon be able to take the programme to Union Island.

CED IT Specialist Felicia Gill-Neverson, and Business Development Field Officer Nisha Glasgow are teaching participants how to create business letters, business cards and flyers using Microsoft Word. Participants are also learning how to use MS Excel to create cash flow statements, as well as how to use search engines on the internet, set up email accounts and how to send emails with and without attachments.

Already 39 persons have completed the training.