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Digicel’s Social Club donates to MCMH

Digicel’s Social Club donates to MCMH


Telecommunications provider Digicel continues to show its philanthropic side, and this time the beneficiary is the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).{{more}}

On Thursday, November 3, Digicel’s Country Manager Sonia Polius, accompanied by Channel Manager and President of Digicel’s Social Club Gershom Dick and Marketing Executive Justin John journeyed to the MCMH, where they handed over a quantity of hospital grade mattresses and hyper allergic pillows to the medical institution.

On hand to receive the donation were Minister of Health Cecil ‘Ces’ McKie, Hospital Administrator Cuthbert Knights, Deputy Hospital Administrator Donna Bascombe and Medical Director at the MCMH Simone Keizer-Beache, among others.

Commenting, Country Manager Polius said that the donation was made possible by the members of Digicel’s Social Club who raised funds that were used to purchase the much needed supplies.

Polius explained that every month, members of the Social Club contribute to a fund, “and the team decided that they wanted to do more than just have a party or a family day, so they thought it would be more gratifying if they could channel it into needed areas in the community, and we felt that this was really a worthwhile project, and I am very happy to be here”.

Added Polius: “I am very proud to be here, and I am very proud of my staff members for making this donation possible.”

She stressed that while Digicel is very active in the community, what was different in this instance is that the donation came from the staff members and not from the company’s coffers.

Hospital Administrator Cuthbert Knights said that the act of generosity and selflessness was one that “we should be very proud of, as it signals the opportunity for private public partnership.”

Thanking Digicel, and specifically Dick, the Social Club’s President, Knights, said that when he had approached Dick, “he quickly agreed and readily identified that he could explore the possibility of having the mattresses and pillows purchased.”

Knights who described Dick as “very organized and business like” also stressed that the MCMH is very grateful for the donation, “and we also recognized the efforts of Digicel’s Social Club to actually get together to raise the money to make this donation.”

Knights added that a donation of this nature speaks of sacrifice, a sense of humanity and commitment as “these are the members themselves who have got together and we will ensure that donation is put to good use.”

Health Minister McKie pointed to the donation being “another very special morning for the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital because what we have done this morning is achieve several objectives.”

He stressed that one of the main objectives that Digicel has helped the MCMH and the Ministry of Health achieve “is to enhance the quality of care and service that we offer to Vincentians and all persons who come into contact with our delivery of health care services.”

McKie also revealed that there are 50 health facilities, “and it is always going be a tall order to upkeep these facilities, and we cannot achieve all the objectives on our own, so we will have to rely on partners to assist us in the delivery of health care.”

He also added that the mattreses and pillows will play an important role in the recovery of patients, as “comfort goes with recovery, and I am sure that this donation will go many years into the future.”

Responding, Dick said that the social club has evolved “and today is the first step in what we hope will be a continuous contribution to the citizens and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.” He added that apart from the monthly contributions from their salaries, the members of the club also raised funds through a fun walk which was held on Monday, March 14, 2011, and a Blackberry raffle in June.

“We are very happy to assist the hospital,” said Dick.

Deputy Hospital Administrator Bascombe described the donation as, “a very generous donation of well needed hospital grade mattresses and pillows.” She stressed that the Social Club did not just go out and buy any mattresses and pillows, but took the time out to source the right type of supplies for hospital use.

The donation was made possible with the help of, among others, Ruddy’s Electrical, Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the Buccament Bay Resort.