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Boyd Group Int. to assist in the marketing of the Argyle Airport

Boyd Group Int.  to assist in the marketing of the Argyle Airport


The International Airport Development Company (IADC) Ltd and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority have partnered with the Boyd Group International{{more}} to assist in the marketing of the Argyle International Airport.

This was announced by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves during his presentation at the IADC Symposium on Tuesday, November 8, 2011, at the National Insurance Services Conference room.

Gonsalves stated that the IADC and the SVGTA have entered into a professional service agreement with Boyd, an aviation research and advisory group based in Colorado, USA.

“You will see that they are among the best in the business,” Gonsalves said, adding that Boyd will assist in the development and the execution of the service recruitment strategies for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, especially the Argyle International Airport.

The recruitment strategies, Gonsalves stated, include the development of a service blue print for the Argyle International Airport, building airline awareness through meetings and international conferences, airlines and tour operators, arranging for guided tours of the airport, resorts and other attractions and the negotiation of service agreements.

He added that airlines have already indicated their interest in flying to St .Vincent, but requested that their names not be mentioned.

Gonsalves also mentioned that a proposal has been received from ANA (Aeroportos de Portugal), a state authority in Portugal, interested in assisting with the management of the Argyle International Airport. He added that the new prime minister of Portugal, in discussions with him, stated that ANA is going to be privatized.

Discussions had been held with the Malaysian president, Gonsalves said, to assist with the management of the Argyle International Airport. He stated that the intention was to have the Malaysian Airport Authority become an equity partner, and give them a contract to manage the airport, training Vincentians at the same time to, in turn, become managers.

That plan, however, did not work out as ‘they had their hands full with Malaysia” and did not want to come to the Caribbean, the Prime Minister said.

Additionally, Gonsalves stated that discussions are being held with a private sector entity to have a fuel farm at Argyle.

Tuesday’s symposium was held to bring government officials, members of the private sector and the public up to date on the progress being made on the construction of the Argyle International Airport, and give information on the way forward with the project.

Consultant Engineer Leonardo Perez made a presentation detailing the progress so far on the construction of the airside facilities which include, among other things, the runway, taxiways, aprons, platforms etc. He also spoke about what remains to be done to see the project to its completion.

Chief Project Engineer Jeffery Cato detailed the work to date on the landside facilities and what remains to be done. The landside facilities include the passenger and cargo terminals, the fire and rescue station, the control tower, parking lot, electrical substation, inter alia. (OS)