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Vincentians, Cubans celebrate Cuban Cultural Day

Vincentians, Cubans  celebrate Cuban Cultural Day


Vincentians and Cubans came together on Thursday, October 20, 2011 at the Peace Memorial Hall, to celebrate an important day in Cuban history, Cuban Cultural Day.{{more}}

Cuban Cultural day, celebrated every year on October 20, commemorates the first time the national anthem of Cuba ‘La Bayamesa’ was sung.

The ceremony featured documentaries of Cuban artistry in film, architecture, animation and music.

Giving a brief address at the ceremony, former Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste stated that links are being made through the nations of Cuba and St. Vincent.

Baptiste disclosed that a book “Ruler in Hairouna,” written by G.C.H. Thomas, will be translated into Spanish and will be on exhibition in Cuba. She added that books from St. Vincent have been sent to Cuba to form a part of a gallery there. In addition to the presence of local music in Cuba from artistes such as Skarpyon and Gideon James, St. Vincent and the Grenadines has also formed links with the Casa Del Caribe in Santiago, where the culture of this country will be displayed.

Minister of National Mobilization Frederick Stephenson also made brief remarks congratulating the Cubans on celebrating such a day in history.

Ambassador of Cuba Pablo Rodriguez also made few remarks, saluting the people of Cuba as they celebrated Cuban Cultural Day and also noted the Cubans’ presence within the Vincentian culture.