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Police believe missing Ikeisha is ‘hiding out’

Police believe missing Ikeisha is ‘hiding out’


Thirteen-year-old Belmont resident, Ikeisha Quammie, who has been reported missing since September 19, was last seen in Largo Heights, close to three weeks ago.{{more}}

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller confirmed this yesterday, at a press briefing.

Miller told reporters that the girl, who is a student of the West St. George Secondary School, went to the home of a young man, but the boy’s father did not approve of her staying there.

After the boy was told this, Miller said it is believed that he is probably hiding somewhere with her, as from time to time the boy is not at home.

“We have been beseeching him to help us assist with locating her,” the Commissioner said.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, October 10, Ikeisha’s sister, Mesha Quammie indicated that the teenager has run away from home several times in the past.

Quammie said Ikeisha started to run away from home some time in January this year. She noted that Ikeisha would stay away for a few days, but no more than a week.

She added that Ikeisha had been placed in counselling on numerous occasions, but refused to go back, as she complained that the counselor was ‘getting into her business’. (KW)