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Man claims he was stabbed by police officer

Man claims he was stabbed by police officer


Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has confirmed that investigations are ongoing, into claims by a man that a police officer stabbed him at a dance at Huffles Ranch in Brighton.{{more}}

Keith McDowall Samuel, a resident of Prospect, told SEARCHLIGHT he was with some friends at the dance when an argument developed between one of his friends and another man.

“I went to both of them and tell them to cool out with that. That ain’t really called for…,” Samuel related.

Samuel said he held on to both of them, when another man came and began arguing.

“I tell the man that just come, to carry way de other man because he drunk… He watch me and tell me if we start any war here, the whole place mash up and I say right, because we ain’t come here for that…,” Samuel recounted.

Samuel said the man said, “Me ah police. Boy me ain’t business tonight. Anybody who (expletive) with me tonight go get it and ah go go in me car and pull out me thing.”

Samuel said he told the man he does not have to do that, after which he claims the man pulled out a knife.

“When he pull out the knife, I walk away and went outside. When I reach outside and stand up ah while, I feel my back burning me and when I look around I see blood,” he said.

Samuel said he confronted his alleged attacker, but was then beaten by the man and others. He was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

“All I was doing was trying to part a fight. What is a police officer even doing with a knife on him? Me ain’t been mind if he box me, but the man stab me,” said Samuel.

This is not first time Samuel has been stabbed. Earlier this year, he was stabbed by a man at the Windward Bus Terminal.(KW)