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Tourism Minister celebrates Independence Anniversary with diaspora in Toronto

Tourism Minister celebrates Independence Anniversary with diaspora in Toronto


Saboto Caesar, Minister of Tourism and Industry, made a detailed presentation to Vincentian nationals in Toronto on Sunday, October 30, which was received with much enthusiasm.{{more}}

The occasion was a town hall meeting organized by the SVG Association of Toronto Inc., as part of celebrations to mark our 32nd anniversary of independence.

Caesar, who was also the guest speaker at the Annual Independence Dinner and Dance on Saturday, October 29, hosted by the same Association, outlined the strides St. Vincent and the Grenadines has made over the last thirty years. He noted that the country was “holding its own” in these times of global financial instability, but that further advances could be made with members of the Diaspora working together to build their communities at home. A great reservoir of expertise and experience, he observed, resides with many of the nationals living abroad.

The Minister’s address focused on the current state of the agricultural and tourism sectors, and he provided updates on education, infrastructure, health, housing and other developments in the country, including the Argyle International Airport now under construction. His presentation was reinforced by a visual slide show of various aspects of development in SVG which showed the progress on the airport, medical and educational facilities, and new developments in the hotel and tourism industry, among others.

During the interactive part of the presentation, the Minister responded to several questions and comments by the audience on a wide range of topics.

Caesar took advantage of his weekend trip to Toronto to meet with potential Canadian investors who were interested in discussing projects that could benefit St.Vincent and the Grenadines. He also attended a church service at the Anglican Church of the Nativity, where the large Vincentian and Caribbean congregation celebrated St.Vincent and the Grenadines’ Independence. Vincentian preacher Carolyn Layne delivered the sermon and Caesar addressed the congregation and extended greetings on behalf of the Government and people of SVG.

The Vincentian Diaspora expressed their gratitude to the Minister for visiting Toronto, and said he hoped that interaction at that level would continue periodically so that ties between the Vincentian-Canadian Diaspora and nationals at home could be enhanced.

Canada is home to an estimated unofficial count of over 65,000 Vincentians who contribute to the economy mainly via travel to SVG, construction of dwelling houses and remittances to family at home.

Canada continues to ride the tide of worldwide economic pressures relatively well, with a strong dollar and stable unemployment rates.