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Shoppers get a treat at rebranded Super J

Shoppers get a treat at rebranded Super J


Shoppers at the newly rebranded Super J Supermarkets can expect more for their money when they make purchases at the Stoney Ground and Arnos Vale locations.{{more}}

So says Divisional Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Consolidated Foods Limited St. Lucia, Sariah Best-Holder, as the company officially launched the Super J/ IGA Supermarket branding last weekend.

On Saturday, October 29, the supermarkets simultaneously treated shoppers to prices and customer service that Best-Joseph guaranteed to be convenient and highly competitive, and which shoppers should expect to be the norm.

She boasted of features that can be found at all locations, including ATM services, state-of-the-art point of sale systems, delicatessens, and soon to be introduced in-house pharmacies.

She said that the supermarket is also partnering with other corporate entities, which will be rolling out rewards to shoppers in the not too distant future.

“What you can expect from any Super J Supermarket is lots of promotion; seasonal promotions and brand promotions…. We reward loyalty in a big way, so we have our points plus loyalty card that we just introduced to the market. It’s a free card, and with that card you get points every single time you shop; not just on your transaction but also on different products.”

“One of the benefits of our cards is that you can redeem your points right there at the check out for groceries… you actually don’t have to put out any hard currency because your points would cover your transaction.”

According to Best-Joseph, the points cards can also be used in St. Lucia, where there are nine other Super J/ IGA Supermarkets located.

Shoppers will be given environmentally friendly reusable ‘green’ bags, which management hopes will reduce the quantity of plastic bags used, in an effort to make a difference when it comes to environmental preservation.

Best-Joseph pointed out that the supermarkets are being run by a team of local managers, with the on the ground Marketing and Corporate Communications position allocated to Elsa Lionel.

She indicated that CFL Holdings were proud and excited to be in St. Vincent and the Grenadines market, with hopes of establishing in other territories, and becoming one of the most successful supermarkets in the region.

“We hope that together we can forge a nice partnership that will be sustainable for the future,” Best-Joseph added.

CFL Holdings will soon unveil a third supermarket; Save-A-Lot, at the compound which was formerly home to NP Food City. (JJ)