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Post mortem conducted on remains of woman


As the mysterious disappearance of 20-year-old Shanika Small enters its second week and continues to baffle the Vincentian public, speculations swirl as to what may have befallen the young woman, her whereabouts and condition.{{more}}

Up to press time on Wednesday, November 2, police investigators had not indicated whether the human remains discovered on farmlands in Welcome on Sunday, October 30, were those of Small, who was last seen in Dauphine on the evening of Friday, October 21, as she made her way home to an apartment she rented just about six months ago.

A post mortem conducted on the remains on Monday, October 31, should have indicated the probable time and cause of death, while DNA tests should possibly determine the identity of the body, believed to be a female.

One source reliably informed SEARCHLIGHT that the body discovered appeared to be that of an adult, with late stage of decomposition and some body parts missing.

According to the source, the extent of decomposition possibly rules out the chances of the remains being those of Small, while the size of the remains may also rule out the chance of it being that of 13-year-old Ikeisha Quammie, who left her sister Mesha’s Belmont home since September 19 this year.

This, the source pointed out, means that it is possible that an unknown female may have been discovered on Sunday.

Since Small was reported missing by friends, rumors and theories have emerged as persons attempt to piece together the puzzle of her disappearance.

With the help of social networks Facebook and Blackberry Messenger (BBM), these rumours seem to have taken on lives of their own, and have even prompted local police to appeal to the public to desist from broadcasting the stories.

A rumour circulating on Wednesday said the Canadian-born Vincentian had been found alive in a house in Belair; while a visit to the Dauphine community by a vehicle belonging to a popular funeral home, to pick up someone who had died, may have prompted the a rumor that a second body had been discovered in the area.

As her disappearance enters its second week, friends and family members of Shanika continue to hope and pray for her safe return.

Family members of Quammie, who has been missing for six weeks now, are confident that the West St. George Secondary School student is still alive and well. (JJ)