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LIME launches Customer Service Excellence programme

LIME launches Customer  Service Excellence programme


Consequent on his appointment as LIME General Manager, Leslie Jack has identified customer service excellence as his main focus{{more}} as the company seeks to use these pertinent skills as the main differentiator for telecommunications providers.

The full service telecommunications provider LIME launched its Service Excellence Academy a few weeks ago, but from November 1, the products of this academic program will be measured by the entire nation.

The program will, among other things, reward customers applying for service, if they don’t receive the level of service consistent with what is expected in the hospitality industry.

Over the past few weeks, the entire staff went through an extensive customer service training program and are expected to deliver excellence in areas of sales and hospitality.

Speaking at the launch, Jack pointed out that Service Excellence is the pivotal area of improvement expected from employees, for LIME to stand out across the Nation and the region.

“This is not a sales gimmick/promotion/campaign. This is our new standard code of conduct. We have been delivering the best technological solutions for over 140 years, but have not done the best job of caring for you as a customer. Better is simply not good enough. We must deliver the BEST. We must greet our customers with a smile, exchange names with them, offer them the most cost effective solutions that suit their lifestyles and thank customers for their business. If we make a promise, we must fulfill that promise. Service delivery is not an accurate science, it requires social skills and we have to be more sociable and cordial to our customers. Treat them the way we expect to be treated”, Jack explained.

Jack continued: “Going forward, we have established a new code of conduct. This is the new LIME standard. LIME will offer a one off 50 per cent discount off the monthly cost of the service(s) that customers apply for if our agents throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines do not deliver the 5 basic principles in providing excellent customers experience:

1. Greet customers; 2. Call customer by name at least once in the transaction; 3. Provide a solution to customers ; 4. Tell our customers about a recent offering; 5. Thank customer for their business.”

LIME will continue to deliver the best technology. However, over the coming months and beyond LIME will be known for Nation building and providing excellent customer experience. Among one of the many differences that customers will experience will be a manned switchboard. When customers call 457-1901, you will get a live answer.

All staff members and contractors will receive LIME Customer Service Excellence training over the next few weeks. LIME customers can look forward to a different experience when they visit LIME offices.