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Education Minister makes error about the National Anthem

Education Minister makes error about the National Anthem


Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Girlyn Miguel seems to have had a memory lapse in relation to when the National Anthem of this country was first sung.{{more}}

Addressing the thousands of students gathered at the Victoria Park on Wednesday, October 26, for the National Schools’ Independence Rally, the Minister shared with them her experience of the events that were a part of the country’s first independence.

She explained that back then, as a young individual, she was given the task like many other Vincentians to contribute to the advancement of the nation.

“Thirty-two years ago I want to let you know I was a young person and I was in Victoria Park. I came with the people from Marriaqua to usher in a new day. It was when we got our political independence from Britain, and we came in this park to celebrate the first time we were going to sing our National Anthem.

“It was on the eve of independence in 1979 that we sang our National Anthem for the first time, the first time we raised our national flag, and it was that night at midnight that we all stood at attention and sang St. Vincent, land so beautiful with joyful hearts we pledge to thee.

“Thirty-two years today we are here and I am glad to be here, because many of you were not yet born, but it is always good to know where we came from. So 32 years ago there was excitement in this park as Vincentians came to say, we are going to work hard to build a new St. Vincent,” the Minister said.

The national anthem was actually first sung in 1969, when the colony of St. Vincent achieved associated statehood with Britain. The words to the anthem were written in 1968 by Phyllis Punnett.

Prior to Independence, the National Anthem was referred to as the State Anthem.